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Please understand the masseur you are looking for might be busy. So maybe currently in a massage session.

We will get your appointment anyway.

Straight Masseur
in Madrid

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Straight Masseur

Sensual pleasure for the ladies!

Straight masseur FAQs

Contact straight masseur

Please feel free to choose the way you wish to contact us.

We typically answer immediately!

Please have in mind we never answer blocked numbers though.


This is the easiest and safest way to contact us!

We strongly recommend sending your information using SMS.

Please include this data:

Appointment time

Your hotel name and address

Room number

Desired massage therapy

Your name


Most of our customers are in a rush and need almost immediate appointments.

This is why we decided not to use any sort of e-mail contacting.


We understand you wish to start a long and sexy conversation.

We don't have time for this though.

Please use whatsApp to make precise questions or to place your request.

We also never send additional photos over whatsApp. We understand there are enough pictures of us on this website.

Because that's why we have this website!

Straight Masseur in Barcelona

If you are visiting Barcelona Matt is a must!

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Straight masseur FAQs
Straight masseur FAQs